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HotSpot billing and HotSpot management solutions. Start and setup your own paid WIFI HotSpot service.
Free Wi-Fi wireless internet access solutions for WiFi hotspots at hotels, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.  Commercial WiFi hotspot solution to increase reliability, reduce liability, improve security, measure usage, filter content.
The number of Wi-Fi hotspots are growing rapidly and while many of them are working as a free hotspot (customers don't have to pay for the internet access), a lot of hotspots are working on a pay-per-use basis. I'll explain how to make money of operating Wi-Fi hotspot in hotels, cafes, campgrounds, airports, tourist attractions, residential areas or any busy venues, even if you don't own any. is a wifi hotspot management portal. Everybody can share internet access only to authentified users. Compatible with chillispot, you can setup your hotspot in some minutes. Very powerful tickets access and online billing services.
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