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Gutes Krankenhaus, höfliches Personal, gutes Essen und gute Bedingungen. Ich wurde von einem sehr erfahrenen Arzt behandelt. Ich bin froh, ...
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Irresponsible attitude to patients. Feeling like doctors are just having fun and not even trying to make a clear diagnostics of a serious symptoms. My husband went there 2 weeks before he died complaining on chest pains and doctors just let him go home. Chest pains are well known as a serious indicator of a heart problems. Maybe they didn't care because my husband had not a german surname?! When i rang to find out what diagnostics was done when he came complaining on chest pains, and announced to them about my husband's death, doctor just laughed. And his assistant added that they simply have no cardio department, even they have lots of new ambulance cars, nobody really cared. When i wrote to a complain deprtmant i haven't received any explanations eaither. In all of the rest of the countries in the world if the patient would come with pains in chest he would be immidiatly hospitalized and got medicines and diagnostics. In this hospital they just said everything is normal.. I stilll can't get any explanations about diagnostics as the manager from complains department is on vacations and my complains will be probably read later... I have already requested it in August and still have no clarifications. Do doctors in this "hospital" have actually education? Why they didn't pay attention on the complaints of my husband about pains in chest?! He was speaking very good German.
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Bürgerhospital Frankfurt am Main e.V.

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